A Successful OEM Beauty Devices Collaboration in the UK

As consumer demands for beauty continue to rise with an upgrade in their preferences, consumers are increasingly seeking skincare products and home beauty devices that can help them meet their higher-level skincare needs. In June, we received an email from the UK inquiring about our OEM private-label custom beauty device manufacturing. The sender was the owner of a large beauty salon in the UK that was attempting to find a profitable way to reduce the production costs of beauty devices. Initially, he planned to manufacture beauty devices himself, but the returns were far lower than he had expected. When he saw on our website that we could provide OEM processing articles, an idea flashed through his mind - that is to seek cooperation with us.
Considering that the customer is located in the UK, we elaborated on the production process of OEM processing and introduced some of the advantages of our OEM services. He listened attentively and asked some specific details and service-related questions. We patiently answered his questions.
A Successful OEM Beauty Devices Collaboration in the UK

Below is the detailed cooperation process with our customer:

Why the Customer Wanted to Do OEM Private Label Customization?

The number of beauty salons in the customer's region is increasing, and some are even located just one street apart. Our customer was frustrated with having beauty equipment similar to other beauty salons, resulting in severe homogeneity, making it challenging to attract consumers.
Our customer learned that some beauty salons are franchised, and franchisees often approach beauty equipment manufacturers for private-label customized unique devices. Thus, our customer also thought of finding an OEM Chinese beauty equipment manufacturer for private-label production.

Why Did the Customer Choose Us?

  1. Our customer considered that production costs in the UK are far higher than in China. Choosing a manufacturer in China would lower the overall cost-effectiveness.
  2. FITTOP, an ODM/OEM manufacturer of beauty devices, stands out for its comprehensive and attentive services. We own our factory and production lines, which ensures that we have complete control over the manufacturing process. We also have a core R&D design team and laboratory that enables us to create innovative and high-quality products. Additionally, we have a complete quality inspection process and legal production facilities, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards before they reach our customers.
A Successful OEM Beauty Devices Collaboration in the UK

What Is the Complete OEM Production Process?

1. Customers put forward their needs
2. Communicate with the technical department of the beauty equipment OEM manufacturer to determine the final plan
3. Sign a contract with the manufacturer and pay the deposit
4. Beauty instrument OEM manufacturers produce prototypes according to the plan
5. Confirm whether the prototype is satisfactory. If not, usually revise the opinion until you are satisfied.
6. Carry out mass production
7. Receive and inspect the devices, and pay the balance after satisfaction

If you need help with OEM processing of private brand beauty devices, please contact us now!