FITTOP L-Vision III eye massager with hot compress

Model : FHM910

An eye massager is a device designed to provide relief for tired eyes through various massage techniques, such as heat therapy, vibration, and compression, to improve blood circulation and reduce eye strain.

Why choose it?

  • Applicable to people/usage scenarios

    An eye massager can be used by anyone who spends extended periods staring at screens or suffers from dry eyes, eye strain, headaches, or puffy eyes. It's also suitable for people with certain medical conditions, such as glaucoma, and those looking to relax and unwind after a long day.

  • Product components

    Product,USB cable, User manual

  • About this item
    • 1.Relieve fatigue and dry eyes: selected Nobel Prize-winning material - graphene, wrap-around warm compress and high-frequency shock wave eye massage, stimulate the pressure points around the eyes and improve blood circulation.
    • 2.Three-dimensional fitting, shading and no light leakage: full-fitting 3D three-dimensional molding design, zero pressure feeling around the eye contour, giving you a sense of wrapping security. Sleep peacefully without being disturbed by external lights, and sleep soundly without light leakage or dazzling.
    • 3. Icy cold compress for lasting coolness: with a gel ice pack, after refrigerated for more than ten minutes, you can place it in the eye mask for ice compress, eliminate the dryness and heat for a long time, enjoy the coolness for a long time, relieve eye soreness, relieve dry eyes, puffiness around the eyes, Cool and refreshing on a hot summer day.
    • 4.Type-C convenient charging design:Type-C convenient charging design.
  • How to use

    How To Use It?

    • 1.Type-C convenient charging design
    • 2.Adjust the settings on the device to your desired level of intensity and mode.
    • 3.Put on any included eye mask or goggles to block out light and help keep the massager in place.
    • 4.Place the massager over your closed eyes and adjust the straps to ensure a comfortable fit.
    • 5.Relax and let the massager work its magic for the recommended duration, typically around 10-15 minutes.
    • 6.Remove the device and wipe it down with a clean cloth when finished.



The 3D molded design fits perfectly around the eyes, providing full coverage without any pressure, and creatinga safe, enveloping feeling. lt blocks light from all angles,giving your eyes a sense of security.

FITTOP L-Vision III eye massager with hot compress


Made of milk protein fabric, which feels like a second layer of skin on your body, this mask is soft and comfortable with zero pressure. t has an anti-bacterial and anti-fouling coating, is waterproof, odorless, and stays clean for a long time, promoting healthier skin.

FITTOP L-Vision III eye massager with hot compress
FITTOP L-Vision III eye massager with hot compress


The intelligent temperature control is set to 42C+3C. The mild heat penetrates the eye area, promoting blood circulation and offering a soothing and comfortable feeling, like placing a warm towel on your eyes.


Equipped with a gel ice pack that can be chilled for a few minutes before being placed inside the eye mask for a cooling effect. It provides lasting relief from the heat, soothes eye fatigue, and relieves eye dryness, soreness, and puffiness.

FITTOP L-Vision III eye massager with hot compress
FITTOP L-Vision III eye massager with hot compress


The built-in micromotor generates 7,000 vibrations per minute, targeting key acupuncture points like bamboo gather, fish waste, and four white points. This high-frequency massage relaxes eye muscles comprehensively.


The massage function helps to fall asleep during a nap, and the 15-minute intelligent timer automatically shuts off to transition smoothly into a deep sleep, relieving eye pressure and avoiding over-massaging. Your eyes will be revitalized after the nap.

FITTOP L-Vision III eye massager with hot compress

Important Parameter

Name L-Vision III eye massager Rated Voltage DC 5V
Mode FHM910 Rated Current 2A
Size 214.581*31.3mm Auto-timing 15minutes
Weight 70g Working Mode ***
Rated Power  10W Battery 3.7V/600mA ( Polymer Li-ion Battery)


  • Q1: Can an eye massager help reduce eye strain and fatigue?

    A: Yes, an eye massager can help reduce eye strain and fatigue by using various massage techniques, such as heat therapy, vibration, and compression, to improve blood circulation and relax the muscles around the eyes.

  • Q2: How long should I use an eye massager?

    A: Most eye massagers recommend using the device for around 10-15 minutes at a time, although this may vary depending on the specific device.

  • Q3: Can anyone use an eye massager?

    A: Most people can use an eye massager, but it's important to consult with a doctor if you have any medical conditions or concerns. Additionally, some eye massagers may not be suitable for children or pregnant women.

  • Q4: How do I clean my eye massager?

    A:To clean an eye massager, use a clean cloth or damp towel to wipe down the device after each use. Avoid using harsh chemicals or submerging the device in water.

  • Q5: Is it safe to use an eye massager every day?

    A: Using an eye massager every day may be safe, but it's important to follow the instructions and avoid overusing the device. Consult with a doctor if you have any concerns.

  • Q6: Can an eye massager improve my sleep?

    A:Some eye massagers may include modes or features designed to promote relaxation and improve sleep quality, such as calming music or heat therapy. However, the effectiveness of these features may vary from person to person.

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