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what is called a radio frequency beauty instrument?
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many people often consult in asking "what is called a radio frequency beauty instrument"? Today will give you a brief introduction.


Radiofrequency beauty instrument uses radio frequency electromagnetic wave (or radio frequency current) as an energy source.

Alternating electric and magnetic fields constitute the electromagnetic field, the electromagnetic field in space propagation to form electromagnetic waves, frequency is an important parameter of electromagnetic waves, radio frequency refers to the oscillation frequency of electromagnetic waves in 300KHz to 300GHz. So we can understand the "RF" as "very high frequency" meaning.


High-frequency oscillating electromagnetic field penetrates into the dermis (and subcutaneous tissue), using the dipole rotation of water molecules, making the water molecules oscillate under the action of oscillating electromagnetic field, and the interaction force between molecules makes them collide, and then generate heat, or at a lower frequency, the alternating traction force of charged particles under the oscillating electromagnetic field is also one of the reasons for generating heat. When the heat accumulates to a certain degree, it can promote the reorganization and renewal of collagen.


What are the specific functions of radio frequency beauty instruments, here are a few key points to introduce to you:

1Promote the reorganization and renewal of collagen.

2Promote fat cell shrinkage.

Research has confirmed that RF beauty instruments can do in used too:

1Reduce wrinkles.

2Reducing growth lines and expectation lines.

3Reduce cellulite.

4Reduce fat cells.

5, thicken collagen fibers.

6Improve the aging phenomenon brought about by the thinning of dermal connective tissue and the enlargement of fat cells.

In fact, as long as it can directly promote the restructuring and renewal of collagen, it is useful for both of the following:

1Pore repair

2, acne scar repair


In general, people who want richer collagen, better skin elasticity, fuller, tighter, and more regular appearance of the skin, as well as large pores and minor acne pits and marks, are very suitable. The main strength of the radio frequency instrument is to promote the repair and renewal of collagen, so that skin problems related to collagen loss can be solved.